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Upcoming Events

Our exhibits are multimedia, family-friendly experiences.

The exhibition will offer paintings on canvas by our animals, for our animals available for purchase. Young or adult big cat enthusiasts might pick up a T-shirt or a stuffed animal resembling Tafari. A video will play throughout the show, explaining the sanctuary’s history—from its 1990 founding to today along with giving a closer look at the animals in action painting. Each descriptive panel featuring details on the animals will also contain a QR code that will allow visitors to hear the text, accompanied by the sounds of lions roaring or tigers chuffing.


All of the artwork is by our animal, for our animals. Please come Join us!

2 June - 21 July 2023 | 6pm - 8pm

Interested in hosting an event or exhibit? Please contact us!

Bobcat with paint on paw
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